Confession Crisis

The people in nursing homes, as well as the sick and dying, need to be encouraged to reconcile themselves with Jesus.
Anointing of the sick is a great healing sacrament but it doesn’t restore sanctifying grace in a soul with unrepentant mortal sins. *

The results of mortal sin and sin in general devastates the lives of people in all walks of life. This should be of no surprise to those of us familiar with the St. John Paul ll Apostolic Exhortation RECONCILIATION AND PENANCE which was addressed to the bishops, the clergy, and all of the faithful back in 1984. The pope saw that there was a serious crisis due to the significant drop in numbers of the people receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. The sick (sinners) simply weren’t going to the doctor (Jesus) to be healed of their afflictions, and because of this, their illness has developed into a cancer of sorts which is literally destroying their lives today and for all of eternity

The lack of understanding of what confession is and knowledge of how to make a proper confession– see examination of conscience –, seem to be the major causes of the breakdown in the sacrament of reconciliation. The people simply don’t know what the sacrament is and the graces which spring forth from it. A lot of the people don’t even realize that if they die with unrepentant mortal sin on their souls, they are deserving of eternal punishment in hell. So many people are completely blind and belong to Satan.

Reconciliation will help restore the grace that has been lost because of sin.

Satan has succeeded in confusing many people’s priorities. Trying to maintain the health of their souls—through penance and change—gets either put on the backburner or forgotten about entirely, when it should be first on their list of priorities. Many are so blind; some make up sins to have something to confess, while others simply think of confession as some magical way to be saved even though their beliefs and life-styles aren’t in agreement with the teachings of Christ and they lack true sorrow for their sins. Even when these people go to confession, they are still in a perpetual state of mortal sin due to their lack of both actual sorrow and a desire to change. The idea of making a good confession is lost, and a true desire to live the teachings of Christ has fallen away from the thoughts of many. A lot of people don’t even believe in the sacrament anymore (why go if you don’t understand it or realize its vital importance). They think they can just simply confess straight to Jesus.

When something is broken, it needs to be fixed. Confession is seriously broken. It is not going to fix itself. Countless souls are plummeting into hell, and we need to do all we can to save them. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT? Revitalization of the sacrament– like Pope John Paul II advised– is the remedy to this problem. I have visited many parishes promoting St. John Paul’s II Reconciliation Revitalization Program, and I have to say, the churches that are “successful” with the sacrament—according to today’s standards—are reconciling only about 1% of their parishioners weekly. Those are the “successful churches.” (Weekly 1,500 Eucharists + 15 confessions = 1% souls purified). see “Why become a purified soul”  That is just devistating! Well, it gets worse. I have visited several churches, to my absolute shock, which are reconciling 0 – 1 persons weekly….just devastating! This is the reality of what’s happening with the sacrament of reconciliation. Why do we think the people have left the church? Well, it isn’t because they were in the state of sanctifying grace. They are dying. We must help them.

The people who avoid confession, who are dead in their sins and are receiving the Eucharist in their tainted tabernacles week after week, are harming their souls and scourging Our Lord by committing sacrilege. The lack of charity in this world shows how mortal sins have spun out of control in our society. The sins of sexual immorality are deadly and widespread—yet confession is ignored or forgotten about entirely. With 70-80% of Catholics not even attending mass, the loss of salvation is devastating; especially since the Catholics that actually do attend mass rarely even receive the sacrament. Only a small handful of the faithful are receiving the gift of salvation, and then some of them don’t fully understand its blessings.


There is nothing more important that saving the souls of God’s people. Everything we do is in vain if we can’t prevent the tragedy of God’s children dying with unrepentant mortal sins on their souls. Truly loving each person is expressed by giving them the gift of eternal life—nothing else can be of greater importance. Why do we think the Church is in such distress? A soul without sanctifying grace cannot properly serve God, hear the call of a vocation, or practice their faith properly. They surely won’t want to go to mass or become a much needed priest. Grace, which delivers all the magnificent gifts from God that we need to live a happy life, is rapidly being lost from souls that are not united with Him.

We are called to educate the lost about the requirements of salvation, the need for prayer, and the devastating effects of sin. Encouraging reconciliation with our Lord and giving them a reason to desire to change their wrongs ways by living the Word for a life and eternity of joy will change the world. Remember, before true contrition is developed, people are inspired to change from a fear of the Lord…judgement and hell are real. Preaching about Hell and damnation hardly occurs anymore, but it’s vitally important to get that message out there. Yes, God is merciful. Thank goodness, for without a loving, forgiving God, we all would be dammed. But He is all fair and just, and if we don’t make amends for our sins, justice will prevail. Today, sadly, many of God’s children are forsaking His ways, in part because they don’t see hell as anything more than a figment of their imagination. We should never shy away from preaching about God’s justice; in fact we should make sure the people are fully aware of it as it is the truth that saves souls.

We need to go to the people, not only in the confines of the church, but outside of the church as that’s where most of the body of the Church is these days. We need to teach them how to pray, since most don’t do that anymore either (see to help start the people off with prayer they can actually do, and then use the new evangelization techniques to bring people back into the church), teach them they must be reconciled for salvation, how to make a good confession, and most importantly, teach them how to change their lives to live the Gospel, as well as the reasons why they should do it—for a life of joy and a blissful eternity in Heaven with Jesus. It’s up to us. God wants to use us to save the souls of His children. That’s why you are on this website right now. This is no coincidence; it’s all part of God’s plan. Please answer His call and do more.

If we advertise for the church fair, then we can certainly advertise for the sacrament of confession. What’s of greater importance? There needs to be a BOOM—an explosion of information and advertising—about confession, how it’s needed, and the abundance of graces that flow from it. There needs to be a BIG change in the number of people going to confession, since next to no one is receiving this sacrament anymore. Therefore, we need to do something BIG to both enlighten the people that their very souls are at stake, and to encourage them to seek out and receive God’s mercy and forgiveness. See our advertising products and suggestions to educate and inspire your parishioners.

PLEASE share this website…God can do much through us, if we let Him.

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Since the loss of salvation and suffering among God’s children is great due to a lack of reconciliation, we must make educating and inspiring the people our number one priority.

  • Advertise IN A BIG WAY about the need and the blessings that come from confession.
  • Work tirelessly until the people have been converted.