God’s Virtues

God bestows different virtues on each of His children at creation to use for His honor and glory.
Some of the virtues are lost through sin while others are obtained by
prayer, fasting and works of mercy through perseverance. With God all things are possible.


Acceptance        to accept things the way they are

Accountability  taking responsibility for ones actions

Agile                     well coordinated, athletic

Ambition            desire to do well

Artistic                 creative

 Assertiveness    confident

Beauty                 attractive externally or internally

Benevolence      good personality

Bravery               able to face danger

Caring                 to show concern in words and actions

Charity                generous and helpful, love

Chastity              being pure in thought and action

Caution               attention to safety

Cleanliness        keeping clean

Commitment     sticking to resolutions

Compassionate sympathetic towards others needs

Confidence         having the belief, with God’s help, they can succeed

Consideration    thoughtful of others

Contentment    satisfied with the way things are

Cooperation       work well with others for a goal

Courage              to perform even in light of fear

Courtesy             having manners and kindness towards others

Creativity           being creative with new ideas

Cross Bearing   able to suffer for the love of God

Curiosity            desire to gain knowledge.

Defiance             to resist evil

Dependability   reliable and trustworthy

Detachment      not loving things of this world

Determination focused for a goal

Devotion            zeal for the Lord

Diligence           work hard for goal

Discernment    make a proper judgement or choice

Discretion         able to speak few words and keep secrets

Discipline          having self control

Eloquence         persuasive language

Empathy            understanding of others

Enthusiasm      joyful over an event

Excellence         desire to do everything to their best for God

Faith                   Trust in Jesus as their savior

Faithfulness     loyalty

Flexibility          able to adapt

Focus                  able to concentrate

Forbearance     tolerant of imperfections

Forgiveness      to love those who hurt you

Fortitude           mental stability in trials

Friendliness     pleasant and kind towards others

Frugality           not wasteful of money or things

Generosity        sharing bountifully what they have

Gentleness        meek not harsh

Grace                  moving or expressing themselves beautifully

Gratitude           being thankful

Helpfulness       useful to others

Honesty              truthful

Hope                    trusting in God to make all good

Humbleness      not boastful

Humility             knowing without God you are nothing; giving credit to God for your success; knowing He is why you can do any good

Humor                to be funny

Idealism             high expectations

Integrity            moral soundness

Impartiality      fair

Joyfulness         full of gratitude (happy)

Justice                objective

Kindness             doing good with love

Knowledge         to know things

Liberality            generous in behavior for progress

Lively                    fun, joyful, active

Love                acting kindly andcompassionately towardsothers,being willing to suffer and tell the truth (like Christ) for the salvatio of others

Loyalty                 having an allegiance to God to know, love an serve Him alone.

Majesty               Great dignity.

Meekness           being submissive and patient

Melodious Voice  Sweet sounding voice, beautiful singer

Mercy                   relenting justice to show compulsion

Moderation        avoidance of  extremes in one’s in thoughts, words or


Modesty              dressing and behaving purely and with out arrogance

Obedience          to be humble enough to carry out commands from others

Openness           accepting whatever is God’s will

Orderliness        neat and tidy

Patience              the silently endure hardship

Peace                   living in serenity

Perseverance    being persistent when challenges arise

Persistence        not quitting

Piety                    humble devotion to God

Prudence            acting wisely, planning ahead, not wasting

Punctuality        being timely

Purity                  not defiled by sin or immorality

Purposefulness  understanding God’s plan for one’s life

Reliability          someone to can be trusted

Resoluteness    firm in purpose

Resourcefulness  to work effectively to solve problems

Respect                treating others with dignity

Responsibility    fulfilling ones expected duties

Restraint             self control to holding Back.

Reverence           showing great respect.

Righteousness   acting morally correct, holy

Selflessness        willing to give of their own time, talent and treasure for

the benefit of others

Self Sacrifice      willing to suffer, and deny one’s self of worldly

pleasures for God or man

Service                 work done which benefits another

Sensitivity           heightened awareness of emotions of self or others

Silence                 Inner peace. Being silent in God’s presence

Simplicity            not complicated

Sincerity              honesty in word or action

Sobriety               free from substance abuse

Spontaneity       acting naturally without a  plan

Steadfastness    being firm and resolute in actions

Strength              ability of exerting great force

Tact                       being courteous with others and avoiding offense

Temperance       moderation in action especially with substances

Thankfulness     gratitude to God and neighbor

Thrift                   not wasting, using less

Tolerance            understand, or accept something

Toughness          strong and durable

Tranquility         quiet and peaceful

Trust                     believing all is allowed out of God’s love for you and for your good (to help you grow closer to Him), and believing God will take care of you

Trustworthiness  reliable and trustworthy

Truthfulness      not intentionally stating something that isn’t real

Understanding  having knowledge or awareness of a fact/ sympathy for others situations

Unity                     not divided

Vitality                 physical or mentally strong with energy

Wisdom               having the good judgement. Able to know how to implement knowledge into one’s life

Zeal                        eagerness to serve God