(This penance is only for persons with a STRONG faith. This is important since this test of faith would be too hard–if not impossible–for a person of WEAK faith and would cause them to fall and not grow in closeness with God; the confessor must know the penitent for some time in order to determine the strength of their faith before administering such a penance).

A great penance for someone who lied and has actual sorrow and is STRONG in their faith would be to ask them to make their wrong right by going to the person they lied to and tell them the truth while saying they were sorry and asking for forgiveness, and be willing to accept the consequences, with joy, whatever God willed, or would they only be willing to repent and ask for forgiveness if they were caught in the lie. The bigger the lie that needs to be rectified the more grace God sends into the repentant’s soul since that act of love (righting the wrong) takes more faith and trust than a trifle lie to repair.

The paradox here is that someone might be actually sorry but because of their weak faith won’t have the grace that provides the courage and trust in Jesus to right the wrong because of fear. Penances like this are magnificent for those who are very strong in their faith and wanting to grow closer to God because such humiliations and the great trust that is needed is how someone truly gets to know God and the peace He delivers in all circumstances. Great spiritual growth can happen from such penances for the right person.