How to Live a Devout Life of Prayer – for the Laity:

Live Your Occupation and Your Life with God to the FULLEST.
Simply eliminate unfruitful worldly things and replace them with loving and serving God. A life of incredible joy awaits you.

There is no burden with this life only joy. This kind of sacrificing, is to be done out of love for God, not because someone is making you or you think you will be righteous if you do so. If this is forced and not done through love, then it would be a burden and not merit any reward from our Lord and no closeness with God would develop. When sacrifices of worldly pleasures are made out of love for God, great joy always follows.

walkingThe Worldly Way:

        Wake up early to go to the gym or watch the news.

The Devout Way: Wake up early to be with Jesus,

      praying your morning prayers and/or going for a walk or to the gym while praying the rosary*.


The Worldly Way:

        Go out to eat or prepare a lavish breakfast and recline to watch a talk show.

The Devout Way: Eat meagerly or fast and head to morning daily Mass

      to praise Jesus and start your day with God’s Daily Bread.


woman-cleaningThe Worldly Way:

        Sing with the radio to popular music hits or watch TV while doing household chores.

The Devout Way: Sing praise to God and watch the religious channel while performing house work,

      or simply pray in silence to God.


The Worldly Way:

        Take cigarette or coffee breaks every couple of hours.

The Devout Way: Develop a routine of praying every couple of hours

      to fill your body and soul with needed fuel (prayer and grace) throughout your day.


praying-at-churchThe Worldly Way:

        Go out to lunch with your friends or co-workers while gossiping and making idle chatter.

The Devout Way: Pack a simple lunch and go off to lunch time mass

      to spend quality time praising God.


The Worldly Way:

      Drive the car around daydreaming or listen to popular music or talk radio.

The Devout Way: Drive around praying with your family or by yourself

    …not wasting a moment away from God and filling your time with the joy of prayer.


The Worldly Way:

      Spending one’s thoughts thinking of possible or past conversations or events and activities you want to do.

The Devout Way: Keeping one’s thoughts on God

    praising Him, praying for others or focusing on how you can serve Him more perfectly with His priorities being in constant communication with God by being filled with love (Loving Christ) in all you do. Filling all of our motives with Love. Doing everything for the Love of God.

The Worldly Way:

        Go shopping for another pair of shoes or the next electronic device.

The Devout Way:Deny yourself more worldly possessions

      and go shopping for those who have less and are needy. Spend your time giving to the poor.


woman-working-2The Worldly Way:

        Spend your time at work doing your best so your boss will notice and give you praise and a raise.

The Devout Way: Do your best at your job for the honor and glory of God,

      praying throughout your day for everyone you meet, and giving your work to God for His reward.


The Worldly Way:

        Schedule your day around watching a TV show or sporting event.

The Devout Way: Schedule your day around going to pray

      quietly away from all the clamor, with Jesus at church (adoration) or in a quiet place in your home.


doctor-helpingThe Worldly Way:

        Watch TV for 4 hours a day (what the average person does according to the A.C. Nielsen Co).

The Devout Way: Perform works of charity for the Lord,

      pray or read religious materials instead of watching fruitless TV.


The Worldly Way:

        Check your social media (The average person spends over three hours browsing social media every day according to Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX).)

The Devout Way: Be very careful how you spend your time…

      you could easily waste all of it away (which is a sin). God wants to use all of your life for His honor and glory. He will use you to save souls if you allow Him and He will fill you with great joy on earth and in heaven.


people-in-natureThe Worldly Way:

      Schedule your weekend around getting together with a friend to go clubbing, or sleeping countless hours, or watching TV all day.

The Devout Way: Schedule your day around receiving reconciliation

    and getting together at church, celebrating with the angels in heaven the holy sacrifice of the mass, and enjoying God’s wonderful creation (nature) with your family and friends while giving praise to God.

When we look at our lives, have we PROVEN BY OUR ACTIONS that we LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL things, or do we love the worldly distractions of Satan?

When you give your life to Jesus, you won’t be missing any of the fun and joy…your life will be full and rich with Jesus’ love—which is a million times better than any empty thrill Satan can give you with his worldly pleasures. Once God graces you with a hate for things of this world, the love of the Father will be in you, and it is amazing.

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. — 1 John 2:15


Keep on surrendering your worldly desires—little by little—and spend your time in prayer, fasting, and service until you don’t desire the fruitless things of this world any longer and only desire to pray, serve, and sacrifice for God. Then, soon, prayer will become your greatest joy instead of worldly vices.

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*The rosary can be prayed while driving or doing house chores, however, it is best prayed in a meditative state contemplating fully on the mysteries of Christ and Mary’s life.