How to truly live a life of chastity —
for all human beings

Q: How can we really live a life of chastity?

A: By removing the defilements from our lives.


roseChastity is vital to the life of someone’s soul. God says to not let there even be a hint of immorality in our life (Ephesians 5:3)… not a hint. St. Alphonsus states living an unchaste life leads to blindness of the soul and makes the soul “lose sight of God and the eternal truths.” Every day that we choose to live an unchaste life, we lose vision of the Light of Life. Even the slightest free choice of viewing something immoral pulls the veil over our eyes and blinds us to the truth, while even the accidental viewing of such uncleanliness (from the sins of others) damages our souls to a certain degree. We need to be on guard.

Among adults there are few saved because of sins of the flesh. […] With the exception of those who die in childhood, most men [people] will be damned.
–Saint Regimius

Great men have lost friendship with Our Lord and His blessings by falling into serious sin—and even eternal punishment in Hell when those sins are not repented of—by not protecting the purity of their souls. Look at Solomon; first a saint then after the corruption of impurity, an idolater. What about the fall of God’s beloved King David? He was tempted to gaze at a bathing woman, succumbed to that temptation, and then defilement entered into his soul through his eyes, which developed into lust in his heart. Along with great coveting—which escalated because of his blinding sins of pride, selfishness, and unchaste choices—he seduced an innocent woman, while he defiled his own body with hers. Then, because he was spiritually dead (without sanctifying grace) from his sins, he fell even further into spiritual death by committing murder to cover his guilt, giving him even greater punishment from God both on Earth and in Purgatory (if he didn’t atone for his sins before he died).

King David’s saving grace was his cherished friend, Jonathan, who was a faithful man who heard God’s call and went—with love—to enlighten David’s heart to his wicked ways. If only we could all have such faithful, courageous, loyal friends as Jonathan; friends who’d step in to save our souls when we fall into grave sin; Friends who were willing to be rejected and ridiculed (scourged with Jesus) if we didn’t have the humility to appreciate their correction (love) for the sake of saving their soul. Sadly, many of the people God is calling to be the voice of light to those in darkness ignore God’s call because of fear, selfishness, or any number of other deterrents Satan uses to halt the work of the Lord. Countless souls live their lives in misery, and plummet into Hell, because the people God chose to call them out of darkness rejected that call since they didn’t have the faith, courage and love it takes to lovingly bring their neighbor into the light before it‘s too late.

Most souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh [sexual sins].
— Our Lady of Fatmia 1917

What is to be expected of us when we live in a world saturated in immorality? Can we survive? Can we remain pure? How can we keep ourselves from mortal sin when defilements (immorality) for us to view and participate in are all around us? How can we not be destroyed by such evil? It’s simple; do not choose to look at or participate in any of it—do not become involved in even the slightest hint of immorality. Yes, it is possible, if you truly desire to follow Our Lord’s teaching and remain chaste. The state of your soul’s life is worth it. I will show you how.

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