the Souls of God’s Children

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Don’t perish forever
Change – Work Hard to Sin No More
“…from now on do not sin again.” (John 8:11)

God’s Mercy is waiting for us. Our Lord wants us to be happy and free from the sin that destroys our life of joy and ruins our wonderful relationship with Him. Our Lord, Whom we should love with all of our hearts, is hurt by each sin we commit. We should stop wounding our Beloved’s heart. As Our Lord cries out, “Many souls have thrown Me out of their hearts today [as they don’t even try to stop sinning]. I have experienced sorrow unto death” (Jesus–St. Faustina’s Diary #866). Lacking contrition and not repenting for any sin makes us deserving of the eternal sufferings in hell (cf. Matthew 25:41) since not being sorry for offending Perfect Goodness is a mortal sin. We need to change.

God wants to heal us, forgive us of our sins, draw us close to Him, and provide us with help to make resolutions to turn from our sinful ways. We encounter Christ’s healing miracles in a powerful way through God’s incredible mercy in the sacrament of reconciliation; it gives us the transforming grace we need to eradicate the sin which destroys the life of joy and the closeness with our Lord we should be experiencing so we can grow into a saving faith and Live.

Sanctifying Grace Saves

Grow in faith so you can accept God’s saving grace

Confess and Change…

God’s mercy wants to give you a SAVING FAITH

for a

Life and Eternity of Great Joy.


Souls are Dying…

people have forgotten about the NEED for confession.

The Confession Crisis

Reconciliation Will Save Their Souls – Countless people in nursing homes or Hospice, those who
Teach Repentance and the NEED to CHANGE – There is so much suffering in vain
Direct the People to Reconciliation It seems most Catholics have forgotten about the sacrament of
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Hope for Salvation with Reconciliation


Sin is Destroying Lives

Those who have eyes can easily see the devastating effects of mortal sin, and sin in general, in our society. Everyone is looking for happiness, but instead of fleeing to God’s love and mercy in order to find it, they are running to Satan’s empty, worldly “pleasures”. These “pleasures” feel good for a moment, and then fade away, leaving a despairing, anguishing, and an unsatisfied person to continue their search for peace and happiness.

Many people, rather than trying to avoid sin, simply go on enduring the negative consequences of their sins, suffering and suffering in seeming hopelessness. But there is hope, in Jesus for a life and eternity of joy through Our Lord’s gift of the sacrament of reconciliation.

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