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1% People are Reconcilied

Direct the People to Reconciliation

It seems most Catholics have forgotten about the sacrament of reconciliation. Many who are hurting seek help from psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and others; yet, they are still suffering senselessly. They go in circles, never learning what God desires to teach them through their life circumstances nor growing closer to Him through their crosses. Most, who provide help, generally, never guide hurting souls to God’s awesome healing power through the sacrament of reconciliation.

How can people experience God’s full healing when they are dead in their sins and not receiving God’s help (grace) to combat Satan’s temptations? Mass confusion is what the spiritually dead feel. Prayer and confession are the solution to everyone’s emotional ills. By working to sin no more, through confession, people learn how to avoid the sins which are destroying their lives and how to embrace the grace God bestows on the sorrowful. Their spiritual suffering is relieved, confusion is replaced with enlightenment as they grow in joy and peace through the Lord’s mercy.

When visiting churches, while promoting St. John Paul’s Reconciliation Revitalization Program, I discovered that some parishes on average 0 – 3 people a week partake in confession and other larger churches are doing what seems to be so much better at 20 – 30 people weekly (and that is considered good), but in reality that is still horrible.  The average, church has less than 1% of it’s parishioners attend the sacrament of reconciliation. Shocking!

15 confessions
1500 Eucharists
1% souls seeking to be purified (out of those who are actually with true contrition for all of their sin)

This should be a BIG sign that something is wrong. By neglecting to do something to help fix this problem, not only are many people suffering due to unrepentant/unchanged sins and from the lack of grace they could have received from the sacrament, but they are committing sacrilege if they receive the Holy Eucharist in a state of mortal sin, by not even seeking God’s mercy to amend their ways.

They risk the possibility of loosing everything, suffering away from God in the eternal fire. We must help educate and guide them to Life, God wants to use us, we simply need say, “Yes, Lord” and promote seeking God’s mercy through Confession.

We see today’s society drowning in sin, where the lack of morality is prevalent and the consequences of sins are evident: loss of God in the majority of society, lack of church attendance, loss of vocations, sexual immorality, acceptance of sinful behavior as appropriate, ignorance of the faith, lack of love and tolerance, misguided compassion, as well as an overwhelming amount of people experiencing depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other emotional problems directly tied to a loss of morals. People are walking to their doom and don’t know how to escape. To learn more please visit www.GodWantsYouInHeaven.com

Using our good judgement, those who have eyes can easily see we must do everything we can to bring the lost back to the truth, and use new evangelization to guide these poor souls who have left the church and the souls who don’t participate in the sacraments back with a renewed spirit through our efforts of love. Visit www.the3oclockchallenge.com for helpful ideas on how to bring desperately needed prayer into people’s lives, and use our products to help educate, encourage, and evangelize souls to change and become reconciled with God.